Dominate Twitter With These Resources...

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The Tools WE Use...

StatusBrew - The essential tool you need to grow your Twitter audience. We use this to gain up to 4,000+ followers per month on each of our accounts. Also sends automatic Direct Messages and "welcome tweets' to your new followers to increase engagement and drive traffic to your lead capture pages.


SocialOomph - How do we tweet every 15 minutes of every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year? Load up your content into SocialOomph, tell it how often you want it to tweet for you, and SocialOomph will do the rest.


MLSP (My Lead System Pro) - The system that drives everything we do online. Premium, customizable capture pages, a fully integrated state-of-the-art CRM to organize and manage your leads, pre-made offers and lead capture funnels proven to convert, a blogging platform complete with premium themes and plug-ins, live weekly training webinars that are considered the best training in the industry, and much, much more. This is the system that is responsible for the success of people like Ray Higdon, Mark Harbert, Adam Chandler, and of course, us!


Aweber -The money is in your list! This is an email marketing system that integrates with MLSP and other lead capture page services. Automatically send "welcome" and "thank you" emails, create email campaigns to convert your list into sales and sign-ups.


AutoHotkey - A free, open-source macro-creation and automation software for Windows that allows users to automate repetitive tasks. We used this to create a macro to automatically rapid click your left mouse button. You can download that macro below...


Todd's Secret Twitter Ninja Rapid Left-Click Macro - Man...still can't believe I'm letting this one loose. But here you go. Just hold down the control key on your keyboard and your left mouse button and this macro will rapidly click your left mouse about 10 times per second. Better grab this before I change my mind!


Programmable Mouse - For MAC users out there, the AutoHotkey hack is not an option since it only works on Windows computers...but you still have another option! This programmable mouse comes with software that allows you to program macros yourself.