Ultimate Tweet Leverage Review - 6 leads

Ultimate Tweet Leverage Review – How She Got 6 Leads Her First Day

One of the most awesome things about Twitter is it’s ability to drive traffic to your offer and get your business in front of fresh prospects every single day. When you’ve done the work to position your offer appropriately and put it in front of the right people, that’s when the magic happens!

And when Lara got her hands on the Ultimate Tweet Leverage training course, that’s exactly what happened!

Todd and Leah Rae Getts Twitter training is always kept updated with the latest information on exactly how to market your online business with Twitter.

Ultimate Tweet Leverage Review – The Results

So how was Lara able to accomplish results like this in her FIRST day?

“See what using Todd and Leah Rae Getts Ultimate Tweet Leverage is already doing? And we only got it up and running Sunday evening! Today, I ended up with 6 leads… so far… on a 2 week old Twitter account that now runs on autopilot! Thank you!!!”

Ultimate Tweet Leverage Review - Lara 6 Leads

The key is to…

  1. Follow the training step by step. Don’t skip steps, don’t try to add to them.
  2. Take ACTION!

Ultimate Tweet Leverage Review – That’s Only PART Of The Story

Of course, getting leads is only PART of the story. Lara and her husband Patrick were also gaining a ton of followers and getting their tweets in front of hundreds of thousands of potential customers and prospects from month ONE.

Ultimate Tweet Leverage Review - Patrick Analytics

Before you can generate leads, you first need to build your audience…get new people in front of your offer on a daily basis.

The awesome thing about Twitter and the Ultimate Tweet Leverage training course is that you can get dozens (even hundreds) of followers every single day for free and even do it on autopilot with some simple apps you can find online.

How To Get Leads On Twitter Through Automation

In this Ultimate Tweet Leverage review, Lara mentions how her Twitter account now runs on complete autopilot.

One of the BIG mistakes people make is that they try to implement automation tools too soon before they know they have a system that works.

In our Ultimate Tweet Leverage training, we emphasize that you MUST know how to do things manually first before you can start to automate it.

If you aren’t having success with the manual process, then the only thing that will happen when you automate it is that you will get the SAME results, only FASTER!

Automation is not a NEW process. Automation doesn’t change what you’re doing…

Rather, automation takes the exact same process you’re doing manually and completes the task without your intervention. The danger in that is that if you don’t know the process manually, you will be setting up a program to do something without your intervention and you have no idea if it will work or not. That is a recipe for disaster.

That is how you can get your Twitter account temporarily locked out, temporarily suspended, “shadow banned”, or even shut down completely.

Ultimate Tweet Leverage Review – A Systematic Approach To Automation

Although getting your Twitter account locked out or temporarily suspended is typically not a big deal (there are easy ways to reverse this), we still want to keep you out of trouble if at all possible.

That’s exactly why we spend the first several modules of Ultimate Tweet Leverage showing you the manual process first. and then gradually implement tools that will help you to automate parts of your Twitter marketing.

If you liked this Ultimate Tweet Leverage review and want to learn more about how Todd and Leah Rae Getts training can help you to market your business on Twitter, you can learn more about it right here.

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