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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is one of our very favorite online business models and one of the simplest ways to start generating income online. Affiliate marketing is basically referral marketing. You just simply refer people to purchase other business’s products.

Because of that, it saves you the headache and challenges of creating your own product or services, dealing with product delivery, customer service, refunds/returns or any of that day-to-day busy work.

This makes it a great source of passive income and a great place for beginners who are just starting to venture into the online business world.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

When you are just getting started with Affiliate Marketing, there are infinite directions available to you. From the vast number of different offers you can promote, to the different types of content to create, there are a few key decisions you need to make getting started…

Decisions that can often derail folks from taking any action at all or can send them down a rabbit hole that won’t get them where they want to be.

So that is why we are giving you our $100 a day blueprint. We want to help you make the right decisions for you from the beginning as you work towards building a sustainable, secure, & profitable business.

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In this video, we lay out exactly what it takes to not only be successful bringing in sales, but also what specific things you should look for when evaluating offers and how to get started.

By following this blueprint you can get to $100 a day as fast as possible.

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