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Systems are what allow ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results predictably. So it only makes sense that a great MLM marketing system is what will give you the best chance of succeeding in your Network Marketing business, right?

But if you do a Google search for “MLM Marketing System“, you will find that there are a LOT to choose from. Your Network Marketing company may even have a system that they prefer you use. So which one is the best?

Your Company’s Network Marketing System

Chances are that if your company has any sort of MLM marketing system, it is designed to work really well with your warm market (your family and friends), but is completely ineffective in generating leads and getting sales and sign-ups from your cold market (people you don’t know yet).

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Your warm market is your low-hanging fruit. If you can build your Network Marketing business using your company’s system by targeting only your warm market, that will be the easiest, fastest way to succeed in Network Marketing.

However, the reality of the situation is that very few people are able to build a sustainable downline and income solely through their existing warm market.

And this typically means that you will need to explore options outside of your company’s MLM marketing system to get the tools and training you need to build your business through your cold market.

So what are your options for MLM marketing systems and which system is the best?

I honestly couldn’t name all of the MLM marketing systems available, but a few of the top players include Elite Marketing Pro, Empower Network, Power Lead System, and My Lead System Pro.

There are, of course, many other MLM marketing systems out there, and it seems like new ones are emerging into the market every day. So a full review of every single system isn’t going to be possible.

But what I can do is tell you what we look for in an MLM marketing system and why we chose the one we did.

MLM Marketing System Features To Look For

There are many features within the various MLM marketing systems that add to their value, but some of those features are more essential than others in giving you the ability to market online and generate leads.

Every MLM marketing system should have (at the very least) these four MLM marketing tools:

– Done-for-you Lead Magnets

– Pre-made and Customizable Capture Pages

– A Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

– An Email Autoresponder with Professionally Written Email Campaigns

Some MLM marketing systems also offer things like free Blog hosting, media hosting, custom tracking links, and other features that will add to their value and save you from having to purchase those services elsewhere.

In addition to those MLM marketing tools, the three criteria that cause me to choose one MLM marketing system over all the others are

1 – Who Are You REALLY Promoting With Your MLM Marketing System?

Ultimately, our goal is to build our MLM business, NOT the MLM marketing system itself. Just about all of these MLM marketing systems also work as an affiliate program, so when you generate a lead and they aren’t interested in joining your Network Marketing company, you can always offer them the MLM marketing system which helps them to build their MLM business and you can earn a referral fee. It’s still a win-win situation.

However, some systems focus very heavily on promoting the system itself, as well as the training products within the MLM marketing system.

So the main thing I look for in an MLM marketing system is something that focuses on branding and marketing us and our MLM rather than the MLM marketing system itself.

2 – A Great MLM Marketing System Has Great Training

MLM marketing tools are great, but if you don’t know how to use them to their full potential, they’re useless.

It’s important that the training in your MLM marketing system is done by industry leaders who are actively building their businesses, and that they are training on techniques and strategies that are working right now.

As a coaching client of ours told us, he wanted to work with us because we are teaching the strategies that we are actively building our business with. He doesn’t want to learn from someone who built their business 5 or 10 years ago and stopped, because while those trainers can tell you how they built their business 5 or 10 years ago, they don’t necessarily know how to teach what is working right now.

3 – What Does Your MLM Marketing System REALLY Cost?

Some MLM marketing systems have additional fees you have to pay on top of your membership fees to get the full functionality and benefits of the system. This is sometimes referred to as “pay-to-play”, and it’s a feature I really dislike.

Other times, these systems will do what’s called “pass-ups” where you don’t get commissions on every sale. They instead go to the person who referred you into the MLM marketing system. Imagine being an Amazon affiliate, putting a bunch of time and effort into marketing Amazon products, but only getting a commission on every other product you sell. That’s what a pass-up is and it’s another “feature” I stay away from when considering an MLM marketing system.

Which MLM Marketing System Do We Recommend?

With all that being said, knowing what we value and look for in an MLM marketing system, the one that we chose to use to grow our Network Marketing business with is My Lead System Pro (MLSP). You can read our MLSP review right here if you’re interested in learning what it has done for us and our business.

Now, I’m not saying that the other MLM marketing systems are bad – many are quite good. I’m just saying that in MY opinion, MLSP does the best job of providing that I would want in an MLM marketing system.

Not only does MLSP meet all of the criteria we were looking for in an MLM marketing system, but it is also the system that many of the Network Marketing industry’s top leaders used to build their Network Marketing businesses, which I think says a lot about the value and quality of the tools and training offered by MLSP.

If you want to see MLSP for yourself, you can get some great info about it right here.

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Todd A. Getts


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