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How To Get The Best MLM Leads For Network Marketing

If there is one thing that will sink or save your business, it’s Network Marketing leads. MLM leads are the lifeblood of your Network Marketing business.

When people first start a Network Marketing business, your only source of MLM leads are your family and friends. And don’t get me wrong, your family and friends are a great place to start. But what happens after you’ve presented your products and opportunity to them all?

If you’ve been in this business for more than a few months, you’ve probably realized by now that you’re going to have to find a way to find people outside of your circle of family and friends if you want your business to succeed.

And what you’ll quickly figure out is that simply generating just any old kind of Network Marketing leads isn’t going to cut it. What you really need is high quality MLM leads!

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Buying Network Marketing Leads

Anyone who has been desperate to make their business succeed has probably at least considered purchasing Network Marketing leads.

I admit, it’s tempting. It seems like the easy solution. But trust me – and I’m speaking from experience here – purchased MLM leads are not all they’re cracked up to be.

There are all kinds of Network Marketing leads that you can purchase, such as “Interviewed” MLM leads, Local MLM Leads, Real-Time MLM Leads, and even MLM Genealogy leads which are lists of people who were members of now out-of-business Network Marketing companies.

Purchased MLM leads range in price from just pennies a piece to $7 or more for each one, depending on how “fresh” they are. One of the things MLM leads sellers do to maximize profits is that they sell the same lead to multiple people.

So when you purchase leads, you’ll be talking to people who have already been contacted by several other Network Marketers and will continue to be contacted by other Network Marketers after you’ve talked to them.

Purchased Leads and ROI

Best MLM Leads - Best Network Marketing Leads - Purchased LeadsThe problem with these purchased leads is that most of them never answer their phone. Very, very few of them ever return a message. And the ones that you are able to speak to, most are just looking for quick, easy money and almost always give you the “money objection”.

If you do get a sign-up, they always buy in at the lowest possible investment. If you’ve got an opportunity that costs more than a few hundred dollars to join, then don’t expect many sign-ups from purchased MLM leads.

But CAN purchased Network Marketing leads work?

Maybe…IF you recruit enough of them, eventually you might find people who will stick around and you might actually build a downline with them.

But for as much as they cost, and for as much time and effort you have to put into recruiting them, onboarding them, training them, etc…purchased Network Marketing leads simply aren’t worth the time or money.

High Quality MLM Leads – More Bang For Your Buck

If you’re like us, you want to make the best use of your time and money, and would prefer to work with 10 high quality MLM leads that you can generate by yourself for FREE, rather than 1000 low quality leads that you have to pay $3 a piece for (or more).

Am I right?

The fact of the matter is that pretty much ANY lead you generate yourself is going to be WAY better than a lead that you purchase from someone else.


Because when you generate your own leads, they are specific to you and your business. People know what they’re requesting information for and they know who they’re requesting it from.

In other words, generating your own free MLM leads online makes them laser-targeted.

Plus, since they’re YOUR lead, they aren’t going to get re-sold to others, so you don’t have to worry about competing with a dozen other Network Marketers trying to recruit them into different opportunities.

The best part about generating your own leads is that you can do it for free. So not only are you getting the best Network Marketing leads possible, but you’re also getting them at little to no cost.

So, Where Are The Best MLM Leads?

As I mentioned, the Best Network Marketing leads are ones that you generate yourselfand you can get them for (mostly) no cost.

At least, no financial cost. Any type of Network Marketing lead you generate is going to cost something…either time, effort, and/or money.

Where Leah Rae and I have found the best free leads for MLM is on social media. Places like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Now, is it possible to generate great leads offline with cold market prospecting?

Yeah, absolutely.

But there are 2 main reasons why we prefer online.

One is that we wanted a home business that we could actually build from home…not something that we would have to travel to the mall, grocery store, post office, etc. so we can prospect people.

And the second reason is that cold market prospecting is much slower and not nearly as targeted as online MLM lead generation strategies.

2 Ways To Get Network Marketing Leads Online

What makes social media so amazing is that people fill out their profiles with all sorts of information…their age, location, job, interests, etc. and there are several online tools that you can use to search for people based on the information they put into their profiles.

MLM Leads Facebook - Network Marketing Leads Facebook

In addition to that, people will join social media groups based on common interests. Once you know how to look and what to look for, it becomes very easy to find people who would be interested in your opportunity.

So once you know WHO it is you’re looking for (people with the right interests), and WHERE to find them (groups, pages, searches, etc), it’s just a matter of making contact and getting your message in front of them.

This can be done manually through social media prospecting, or you can automate the MLM lead generation process (partially or fully) and rake in dozens of leads per day with very little effort with the use of some widely available marketing tools.

Getting Leads Through Social Media Prospecting

Social media prospecting is a great way to get started with generating online MLM leads. It requires no special tools or software, and it’s one of the most duplicatable strategies that you can teach to your team.

Just like I outlined above, it’s simply a matter of knowing who is going to be the most likely to buy and join, figure out how to find them on social media – we prefer Facebook and Instagram for this strategy – and then reach out to them with a well-crafted message.

This strategy is great for getting started with online MLM lead generation and is the primary strategy that we teach to our downline because of how duplicatable it is.

If you want to learn the process that we teach to our downline, you can check out our FREE 5-Day Facebook Recruiting Workshop where we take you step-by-step through everything you need to know to be successful with social media prospecting.

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Automated Lead Generation

Free MLM Leads - Free Network Marketing LeadsThe downside to social media prospecting is that, while it’s exponentially more leveraged than cold market prospecting, it’s still not nearly as leveraged as being able to automate your Network Marketing lead generation.

With the use of some widely-available marketing tools, you can generate dozens of high-quality, targeted Network Marketing leads for free, all in as little as 30 minutes a day or less.

Automated MLM lead generation is obviously going to take a bit more time and effort to learn, and is more for people who are serious about building a high six to seven figure income in their home business. If this is just a hobby for you, or just something you aren’t that serious about, then your best bet is to stick with social media prospecting.

Most people would think that Facebook is the best place to generate Network Marketing leads, and when it comes to prospecting for leads, it is…BUT…

If you want to generate free Network Marketing leads on autopilot, then Twitter and Instagram are really the best places to do that.

Blogging and YouTube can also produce some of the best Network Marketing leads around, but those strategies take quite a bit more work than Twitter and Instagram.

How To Get Leads On Autopilot

If you want to start learning how to get MLM leads online on autopilot, then this training is the best place to start. It outlines the exact strategy LeahRae and I used to build a six figure income in our business in a little over a year using Twitter and Instagram.

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